Treatment of Cavities (Tooth Color Fillings)

smile1 Tooth decay or cavity is the infection of the tooth structure. This infection is caused by bacteria that when given the right environment, will destroy the surface layer of the tooth, enamel, or the inside of the tooth and the root surface which is dentin. The main factor that affects the environment of the mouth and makes it suitable for development of cavities is an increase in the acidity of the mouth. Sweets in general certainly do that as well as acidic foods such as citrus fruits and acidic drinks such as sodas. Regular brushing and flossing when possible as well as chewing on sugarless gum are the ways to remove plaque off the surfaces of the teeth which cause the formation of cavity when the acidity of the mouth reaches high levels. Studies have shown that Xylitol which you can find in many sugarless gums can reduce acidity. Therefore, chewing sugarless gum with Xylitol after each meal is an easy and convenient way of removing plaque off the surfaces of your teeth and reducing the acidity of your mouth as well. Why do you need to know all this about treatment of cavities? Well, if your god given tooth was prone to cavity and you have ended up needing a filling or restoration, you should know that the filling or restoration does not make your tooth invincible against tooth decay. The best way to prevent tooth decay is to eliminate the factors that cause it by making the necessary changes in your diet and/or oral hygiene routine. After informing you of the necessary changes needed for prevention of decay in your teeth, we will restore any cavities you might have. We only use composite/resin fillings or so called tooth-color fillings. Due to the superb quality of the material that is now available in dentistry, silver fillings are no longer the most desirable restorative material for tooth decay. This is not just because of the obvious cosmetic reasons. Due to the requirement of mechanical retention for placement of silver fillings, silver fillings in general require removal of more tooth structure compare to tooth-color fillings which do not require mechanical retention and are bonded to the tooth. Also, over time, there is no expansion of the tooth-color fillings which in case of the silver fillings causes hairline cracks in the tooth structure which is the main cause of teeth with large old silver fillings breaking.

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