Oral Surgery (Extractions)

We do extractions for pre-orthodontics treatment, extraction of hopeless baby teeth, wisdom teeth, as well as any other teeth with hopeless prognosis. If necessary, especially for extractions under sedation referral to specialist will be necessary.

Post op Instructions

Following the extraction you have been asked to bite on moist gauze. Please bite firmly on the gauze placed at the site of extraction for the next 30 minutes until bleeding stops. If bleeding does not stop, repeat with the extra gauze you have been provided with. Small amount of bleeding is normal of the first 24-48 hours post extraction. If you experience excessive bleeding which requires frequent rinsing of your mouth try brewing a Lipton tea bag, placing it in the freezer and once it is completely cooled off, placing it at the site of extraction. Bite on it firmly.

Please pay attention to the following for the 24-48 hours post extraction:

  • No smoking, No alcoholic beverages, No hot foods or liquids, No crunchy or dry foods (chips, popcorn, dry, toast, nuts) No spicy foods, No vigorous rinsing.
  • Make sure you keep your tongue and/or fingers away from the socket.
  • If you have been given an antibiotic please take the medication as directed until it is finished. Please follow the directions for your prescriptions carefully. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment if taking prescription pain medication.
  • Please avoid chewy foods such as steak. Light/soft diet is advisable for the first 24 hours post extraction. Avoid strenuous activity for the remainder of the day.

If you experience any unusual symptoms such as excessive bleeding, swelling, or pain (even after taking your pain medication) please call us immediately.

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