Root Canal Treatment

gum disease Irreversible damage to the nerve of the tooth could occur either due to trauma or tooth decay. This is when a root canal treatment is the only option available to save the tooth. At our office, we usually do the root canal treatment at two separate visits. After the first visit, the pain is alleviated and the tooth is restored properly with an access opening to the canal of the tooth which is properly restored with a provisional filling for the following visit. During the second visit the temporary filling is taking out, the root canal treatment is finished, and a permanent filling is used to close the access to the root canal. Any root canal treated tooth over time becomes very brittle and fragile due to lack of blood supply to the tooth. A crown is always recommended after a root canal treatment to prevent the fracturing of the tooth under normal chewing forces. Please keep in mind that for retreatment of an already root canal treated tooth or sometimes in case of a difficult root canal treatment, referral to specialist is necessary.

Post Root Canal Treatment Instructions

Root canal treatment is essentially amputation of a small nerve and blood vessels that run through the root canals of your tooth. Thus, it requires some time to heal. During the healing process, due to the existing infection around the tooth, it is not uncommon to experience sensitivity to hot and/or cold, pressure, and even some swelling at times.

It is difficult to predict which symptoms you might experience and to what extent; however, you are given medications that you must take as prescribed to reduce and eliminate the symptoms if they are to occur. If you are given an antibiotic prescription, it is very important for you to take it all as prescribed. Antibiotics are not to reduce your pain, but to assist your body to get rid of the infection around your tooth. Please finish your antibiotic prescription.

Root canal treatment can take 1, 2, and sometimes 3 appointments depending on the tooth and the difficulty of the root canal treatment. A temporary filling along with medicine is used to seal the tooth between visits. Please be gentle on the tooth while eating until the final restoration is placed.

If you experience swelling, please call our office. After tooth has gone through root canal treatment, because the blood supply has been cut off, the tooth becomes extremely brittle and prone to fracturing even under normal chewing forces. To prevent additional treatment once the tooth fractures, the tooth will require a full coverage restoration, crown.

root canal Root Canal Instructions

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